Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bangla Font Fixing for Google Chrome & Other Windows Software

In operating systems like Windows XP, Seven we see Vrinda font by default when

  • Visiting a website that does not specify a font for Bangla
  • In Windows Explorer
  • Typing on any software like MS Office Softs switching keyboard mode using Avro

What if we could use our favorite bangle font instead of Vrinda? I think it’d be nice. Let’s see how to do it.
Follow the steps given below:

  • Choose your favorite Bangla font.
  • Click fix it.
  • Close the window.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Visit a website using Google Chrome or type Bangla in any other software you’ll see the change. The default font has been set to your favorite one.

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Xbox 360 Repair Tips for the Speedy Xbox Repair

Microsoft has revolutionized the gaming scene by the introduction of the Xbox 360 game. This console has gained huge popularity and people even of older age are hooked up with this game all the time. The least favorite thing for the gamers for the Xbox is that if some problem arises in Xbox, and you have to send it to the repair shop or to the Microsoft office for its repair.  But, keeping in mind the craze of the people for this gaming console, many new Xbox repair options have been introduced.  Moreover, the experts also recommend some Xbox 360 repair tips, for repairing the Xbox yourself. Some of the major tips are given below.

  • One of the major problem reported by the Xbox users, is that the screen suddenly start freezing. The tip in such situation is to unplug the power, and then remove hard drive. After that switch on the gaming console. If the Xbox, starts working then get happy because you have managed to repair the Xbox. If it starts, then the next step is to shut the power off and place the hard drive in its original location inside the console. The same tip can be applied if the “red ring of death” problem arises.

  • Another tip that can be followed for Xbox repairis to unplug the power and remove the hard drive. In addition to this remove all the cables that are plugged into the gaming console. If it starts working after this, then you can simply put everything back in its position and then power up the console again.

  • Above are some of the repair tips, if you want to repair the Xbox yourself. But, in case you dont and can afford the repair expanses, you can simply send your Xbox to Microsoft repair office. And if luckily, you are still in warranty, then you don’t even have to pay the charges but your Xbox will be repaired free of cost.

  • Another tip for Xbox repair is that you can rely on any other repair company other than Microsoft, for the repair as Microsoft repair charges are not affordable by everyone. But, before sending your Xbox to any repair company makes sure that the repair company is authentic and reliable. Otherwise your Xbox won’t be repaired insated got worsen.

In case you have chosen to do Xbox repair yourself, in that case the tip for you is to purchase the repair guides for the repair, but make sure that the guide is authentic and the genuine one and has a money back guarantee. These guides can be really helpful for you but a great tip in respect to guides is that select the guide with the video instruction so that you get the detailed information for repair. So, these Xbox 360 repair tips are really helpful for you, if your Xbox is not working properly and you want it to get repaired as soon as possible.

-- Written by:
Alisha John (Guest blogger)