Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to Remove Conflickr/ DownAdUp Worm

If you are running a Windows Operating System with a safe browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and you're thinking that you are very safe from worms/viruses then I'd ve to say you're in fool's paradise. If you are connected using a LAN to your ISP then there's high chance to be affected with worms whose creators really cared about vulnerabilities in Windows TCP/IP network.

If you cannot access antivirus websites and microsoft.com site but others then you are already affected with Conflickr Worm. Kido.h and kido.ir worms will be copied in your USB pen drive(though the worm allows safele remove hardware) and they'll be detected by antivirus on other PCs which are not affected. If you are not affected and you are using Windows urgently install these update not to be affected:

Conflickr worm is brilliantly dangerous because before I didn’t know a worm that’d exploit into PC using local area network implementing a weakness (TCP/IP Buffer Overflow) of Windows Operating System.

If you are affected with this worm install Malicious Software Removal Tool to remove conflickr worm. That’s the tool actually works as people tested.
Download Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) from here:
From microsoft.com
Or from mediafire.com

More info on this tool here:

Also there is a tool from Symantec that you can try out in case:

After restarting ping to kaspersky.com Symantec.com etc. If they work you are one step behind from being safe. Now update your antivirus database definitions and run a full harddisk scan.

If you are interested about this worm you’ll get great deal of information about this here:
Microsoft Tips and Tricks along with info to prevent this worm
About The Malicious Software Remover Tool
Manual Removal Instructions and more info from Microsoft [Download this page from mediafire]

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