Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Movie: Artificial Intelligence

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The Wallpaper of the movie is nice that's what I say about his movie. Oh! Yes, you can download them here.

I watched this movie to get some flavours of latest artificial intelligence and enjoy related critics. But it wasn’t.

Anyway, this movie does not follow the same spirit of Steven Spielberg. It is different.
There are many things that the movie missed. Frankly I expected some more actions from the robot boy, David. May be for real reason he is just made like that. Moreover the focus on the boy from the start to the end of the film kinda made me bore. No actions, no surprises, cold flow of the facts and without any kind of representation of artificial intelligence rather emotions for some low-leveled robots exist in the movie!

Didn’t you ever think how foolish was that robot named David? He cut the mother’s hair for love.. What a loser! This is not AI. This is dumbness!

And the afterward things were totally fairy tale even that cannot be counted with a bit similarity with reality. The movie says the boy was unique. But he couldn’t be if he was such a success. The company would build thousands of replica of product when it is successful.

When David was showed in Johnson's place it was supposed that the authority would take the control of David over. But it was not! Again emotions! People’s love for the boy who look like real saved him. What a luck! The supertoy just saved his life.

I think from there the directors just lost the track. What should be done next!? There could be intelligent ideas. But they played with the fake boy’s emotion! He loves the mom and want’s mom’s love still not being human. Well if you want a robot to love you and make that way it will definitely love!! What’s the big deal!!

Phony concepts they are. To be honest there is nothing you can expect from this movie. What you get from it is an impure mixture of robotic emotion and those all about… Even cannot be said fairy tale! Better call it non-fair tale!

Nice special effects though.


  1. I can't agree with you, Atique.
    Artificial intelligence actually does not means some bigger calculation or talentive decision, or something like this.
    The machine never can do anything more than what it designed for. What man built in into it, it just can do this.

    AI actually relates with self learning or we can say "thinking".
    How a machine can think by it self - that is AI.

    In this movie, it is shown how a robot (David) learn by itself. As David stay with a family and seeing the behaviour of father, mother etc. human, he learn actually about "Love". Thus, we should not take this in point of view that, AI means LOVE. If david may be in other situation or environment, he might learn others.
    In this environment, David learn human emotion.
    Thats AI.
    A machine learn by itself and act as human.

    I like this movie. Thats why i give a big Reply!

    whatever....Take care..BYE!

    ~ Oronno

  2. Thanks for such nice comment.

    > Artificial intelligence actually does not means > some bigger calculation or talentive decision,
    > or something like this.

    To learn something, for a machine is a big deal! To learn an emotion it is a mess!! Even supercomputers fail!

    It requires billions of calculations to perform its task intelligently. Even understanding love isn't that easy for a robot. In the movie, it just gave a perception. Otherwise that toy is still dumb!

    Self learning/thinking obviously require large scale of computation. To understand that you have to think how a machine thinks.. [executing human provided instructions] It's not like human being who have an intelligent and fastest stock of neurons!

    Under the word self learning many things are hidden!! Intelligence must be accounted. With a level of emotions the intelligence come. With different states of mind, with different emotions we[human being] learn things. It has no foolishness coz they are related intimately.

    I watched the movie entirely with concentration. It was a complete waste! The abstract of the movie was presented in some scenes from the first and then it just continued the elaboration.

    The movie loses in every way. No intelligence under the hood of A.I! I doubt if Spielberg has his touch in this movie even I have good confidence that I can make better movies with some flavor of intelligence, outstanding the limitations of just machines...! Hey, don't laugh! Just trust me, I can make better things anyway.
    Sorry for the big reply.