Friday, November 13, 2009

rar Software for Linux

Rar is a compression technique. Rarlab provides software for extracting and creating compressed rar archives. The software for windows is called winrar which also has a GUI. Linux version only has the command line. Hence to use rar you need to learn the syntax.

To extract a rar file use this syntax:

# rar x fileName.rar

Syntax for creating a rar archive

# rar a archiveName.rar file1 file2

To split the created archive into several volumes use this syntax

# rar a -v9m archiveName.rar file1 file2

v means how much size for each volume you want to split into (in example it's 9 megabytes).

If you see that rar command isn't working in your system then you have to install rar. You can search to find out a suitable rpm for your fedora release and install using rpm command.

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