Sunday, December 20, 2009

File Browser Opens Every Folder in New Windows in Linux! How to Fix

An annoying behaviour of gnome nautilus file browser is when you double click a folder icon it always opens in new windows and those windows are plain. I don't know why do they mess the system up before impressing the user for first time use! Is it only in Fedora Core or default gnome behavior?!!

Anyway, there is a way to change it. You need to do couple of mouse clicks!

Click Computer. Then Click Edit -> Preferences. A new window will appear

Click Behavior Tab. It will look like the one given displayed below:

[Click the image to enlarge.]
Under behavior Tick the box before Always open in browser windows.

And under Executalbe Text Files Select View executable text files. (It also makes life little easier.) It will look like this.

[Click the image to enlarge.]

From now the behavior and appearance of nautilus is changed.

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