Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to Configure / Setup Broandband Internet Connection in Fedora Core Linux

First of all, you need some network informations which you can get from windows.

In windows click start menu. Click run.

Type cmd. Then type ipconfig /all

Write down those information(ip, subnet, default gateway and DNS). Or save them in a text file and mount from Fedora Core.

Click System>Administration>Network. The window is as below:

Double click the eth0 device. A window will open like this one

You have to uncheck the tickbox saying Controlled by Network Manager. Enter ip address right to the Address.

Subnet mask and default gateway.

Now click DNS tab, The window is shown as below:

Enter Primary DNS (DNS server 1 from windows) 
Enter Secondary DNS (DNS server 2 from windows
And then click activate to activate the network interface. After it is activated you are connected to the internet. (It's done in this step for providers such as bracnet, BD, smile, BBTS-onilne etc)

Configure the proxies if your provider connects you through proxy servers.
Click System>Preferences>Internet and Network>Network Proxy. This loooks like this:

Click manula proxy configuraton and then enter your settings.. and you are done... 


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  2. Previously I used system-config-network because Network-Manager was buggy then. Now in Linux Network settings can be managed by Network-Manager. It has become stable.

    Thanks for visiting.