Thursday, February 11, 2010

Configure Broadband Internet Connection on Solaris

You have to follow some procedural steps as provided below:
  • login as root. You can use vi or other editor to modify files but be careful because you have the root previlege you can damage the system without having a notification.

  • Enter your PC's ip address in /etc/hosts. For example, after adding
    the last line my /etc/hosts look like:       localhost 
    ::1     localhost     loghost

  • Write the your default gateway ip address to /etc/defaultrouter file.

    # echo defaultGatewayAddress > /etc/defaultrouter 

    My /etc/defaultrouter looks like: 

  • Write dns server information to /etc/resolv.conf

    # echo nameserver nameserverAddress1 > /etc/resolv.conf
    # echo nameserver nameserverAddress2 >> /etc/resolv.conf

  • Enter netmasks info on /etc/netmasks. For example, I have added this line to /etc/netmasks:

  • In the file /etc/nssswitch.conf modify the enty for hosts to "file dns" from "file" so that system resolves dns internally.

  • Start your dns client if it is disabled.

    svcadm enable dns-client


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  2. Thanks. That's encouraging. :)