Saturday, February 20, 2010

Connecting to yahoo messenger / being online on yahoo using Google Talk (including facebook, jabber etc)

Here are the instructions to follow be able to connect to yahoo messenger from Google Talk
  • Download PSI from sourceforge project link given below:

    Or download directly PSI 0.14 from here.

    Now run PSI.

  • Click General Menu and then account setup. A dialogbox like one shown in the image below will appear.

    Click image to zoom

  • Another dialogbox will appear.

    Click image to zoom

    Click Add. Give a name of the account for example “Google Talk”.

    Click add

  • Type your gmail address in jabber id box and gmail password in the password box. And check all tick-boxes beneath. Remember you will use this gmail account to sign in using Google Talk after we are done.

    Click image to zoom

    Click save. Click close.

  • The account will be added and displayed in the PSI roaster(Main window). Right click the account and set the status as online.

    Click image to zoom

    Your gmail/google account will be online within seconds.
The magic part starts here.
  • Right click your account. Click service discovery.

    Click image to zoom

  • A new window will open usually with 2 error dialog boxes. Eliminate them clicking ok. Now on address box type one of the following addresses of yahoo transports.
     [Last checked: February 2010]

    and then hit enter.

    Click image to zoom

  • A list of transports will be displayed on the window. Right click one of the yahoo transport on that list. If the register option is grayed wait a while. If still does not work a cross sign appears use other server.

    Click image to zoom

  • A login dialog box will be opened. Enter your yahoo id and password. Remember only yahoo id not the full email address(except for, etc domains). Then click register.

    Click image to zoom

  • A registration successful box can appear. Just click ok. Close service discovery window. On PSI main window yahoo account will be added.

  • Meanwhile some notifications will come. Click on the text on the bottom saying 1(can be more) event received. Notification window will open.

  • Click add/auth to confirm the addition of the selected yahoo transport and then close. You have to confirm addition of your friend list same way from event notifications as they will be displayed automatically.

Now you are online on yahoo and google talk same time. Just quit PSI and start google talk you will see your yahoo friends on Google Talk. As you are done you can uninstall PSI if you wish but you might want to keep to play with it more.

For help with setting up hotmail/live account on Google Talk follow here.

Note in the same way selecting different kind of transports you can be online with facebook, jabber etc services. However if you face problems with certain transport use some other transport.

Without having rough fights with one another if every IM company would have followed one standard that could be much better. I see good future of xmpp. If anyone build an IM soft/client they should make it compatible with xmpp.

And screw you yahoo for your compatibility problems on xmpp.

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