Monday, May 31, 2010

Yahoo Group Moderator Privileges Controlled by Owners

Moderators can change delivery and posting settings for individual members. Owners can check the additional privileges they want to give the moderators which are noted below.

Enable/Disable Notifications for Moderators
Ø Notify moderator when there are pending messages/memberships which require approval.
Ø Notify moderator when a member joins/leaves this group or new files uploaded.
Ø Notify moderator when there are pending messages which have been identified as possible spam.

Assign Moderator Privileges
Ø Approve pending messages
Ø Add, remove, and change moderator privileges
Ø Approve pending members
Ø Set auto-send options for files
Ø Invite and add members
Ø Change group settings
Ø Remove members and reset bouncing members
Ø Delete this group
Ø Ban members

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