Friday, August 27, 2010

Avro Keyboard 4.5.3 and UniBijoy

Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard is the most popular Bangla typing software. It is used world-wide by Bangla speaking people. Avro Keyboard project is developed and maintained by OmicronLab which they deliver free. Another software named Bijoy Keyboard exists on the market. Bijoy is losing because of it’s owner’s harsh business policies. There are several allegations against the proprietor of closed source Bijoy software. He issued a lawsuit against Avro Keyboard along with making abusive comments against Avro Keyboard and its developers in public.

People who are used to Bijoy Keyboard layout use Unibijoy, a fixed tradional keyboard layout with Avro. There are many differences between Bijoy Keyboard Layout and UniBijoy layout. Nobody finds a reason to patent keyboard layouts since these keyboard layouts aren’t productions of neither creativity nor merit! A patent should always protect a unique work of merit.

Because of his (proprietor of Bijoy) desperate attempts to remove UniBijoy from Avro software he succeeded to slap the pride of Bangla speaking people’s right to choose their desired keyboard layouts. Bangla speaking people are disappointed on this kind of business with Bangla language. Bangla is the only language for the love of which many Bangla speaking people were martyred in 1952. They are remembered with great honors, respects and love every year on 21st February which is also founded as International Mother Language day. Hence this is never expected that software for writing Bangla will be a part of Business.

Avro Keyboard has a new release 4.5.3. UniBijoy adopters are worrying about the removed keyboard layout. But there’s a way out! Download the new software from the below links.

Avro keyboard is available at the following URL:

Because omicron-lab server is down (till 31st August, 2010) because of bandwidth limit (sign of popularity, huh!) exceed you have to download avro keyboard from the following links:

How to use UniBijoy in Avro
There’s a component in Avro Keyboard called Keyboard Layout Editor. You can create your own keyboard layout in Avro. Also you can save the keyboard as a file and share with others.

Be careful. If it looks like Bijoy Keyboard the uncle may mind.

Hence it’s your responsibility if you are a victim of new lawsuit by using a keyboard layout like mine!

Here’s a Unibijoy like keyboard layout you can download and use for writing Bangla.
After downloading the keyboard layout copy it to avro’s keyboard layout folder:
C:\Program Files\Avro Keyboard\Keyboard Layouts
If your installation directory is different it will be different too.

Now exit avro keyboard and start again. Select UniBijoy from Keyboard Layout menu.

You’re done. Now you can start typing Bangla with any application that supports Unicode.


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