Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to Update Fedora Core 13 to Fedora Core 14

The process is simple. We have to apply some commands on terminal mode. After that update will be done using internet.

It means we need internet on terminal. But when GUI closes; internet that is configured with NetworkManager is lost. Hence we have to try other way out.

First, install system-config-network and then stop Network Manager Daemon

# yum install system-config-network
# service NetworkManager stop
Now open system-config-network using system-config-network command on the terminal or run. Enter root password if it asks for.

Untick the option "Controlled by Network Manager". Click apply. Now switch to terminal mode by pressing Alt + Ctrl + F2. Log in as root.

# init 3

Doing the update
After it is done press enter and enter following commands.

# rpm --import
# yum update yum
# yum --releasever=14 distro-sync --skip-broken

Accelerate Linux with the ISP ISPROS and other ISPs which support GNU Mirror
After update reboot your system using reboot command. After restart select Fedora 14 from Boot Menu. Once System is booted into Fedora 14 update the system using yum.

If your ISP has its own GNU Linux Mirror then update will be very fast. With around 300 KBPS it will take around half an with an decent configuration PC.

Bangladeshi Linux users can have this benefit with ISPROS isp. They have ubuntu mirror, fedora mirror, cent-os mirror and gnu mirror and some other useful mirrors(apache, php etc).

One thing more if your Fedora yum does not choose ISPROS as mirror you can force it by changing fedora.repo Set your mirror list to this url:$releasever/Everything/$basearch/os/ by editing the file /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo.

Enjoy Linux with ISPROS.

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