Saturday, October 17, 2009

About Importing Blogs on FaceBook

Blogging is fun every blogger knows it. It becomes more fun when friends visit your blog site. Obviously, facebook, the social networking website can help you to a great extent. You may not know that there is an option in facebook to import your blog whether it is Bangla blog, Blogger ( or others you are using. Here I describe how you can import your blog in facebook notes.

Step 1: Log into FaceBook as usual.

Step 2
: There is an application menu button on the left bottom of your facebook homepage. Click that to display the menu. Look on the left hand side of your screen you’ll see a menu list of different Applications.

There is an option there called Notes. Click on that link.

Step 3: It will bring you to your notes page where notes of you and your friends are displayed. Look on the right side of the page. There is link saying “import a blog” under Note Settings. Clink on it.

Step 4: A form with a textbox will be displayed which like one in the below image.

Enter your blog url in the textbox. For example,
Tick the checkbox underneath the url. You don’t need to setup additional thing. Facebook will detect it automatically.
And some tips in advance, once you write a post in your blog it will be imported in your facebook notes. If you want some of the posts not to display on notes just feel free to delete them from facebook notes. It will be in your blog still available but in facebook it is not displayed.
When a post is imported by facebook update of the posts afterwards in your blog never takes effect on facebook. The updated one remains in your blog, facebook displays the old version.
It’s why I always encourage you to read the original post by clicking the link from facebook notes as shown below:

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