Friday, October 16, 2009

Google Chrome Latest Releases Direct Download Links and Google Search Tips & Tricks

Google Chrome Latest Stable and Beta Releases without Google Updater

Google Chrome is an open-source browser which doesn't require a introduction now. Still it is a light-weight fast web browser that now supports themes.
Also it has some intelligent things integrated with. For example, all google search syntax can be applied on the address bar.

The most significant thing I like about google chrome in first is it's powerful virtual machine. Did you notice the load time of New Yahoo Mail and Gmail in Chrome? It's damn faster. Every site with javascript and other rendering contexts will load faster in chrome. We spend most of our time in web browser than other applications. If our pageloads take longer time just sum of wasted valuable time gets huge. So the suggestion is use Google Chrome, save your time.

With Google Chrome 4 you can use many themes as well as huge set of extensions.

You can save more of your time by directly typing search queries on address bar. If you want the definition of word technology type in the address bar "define: technology" (without the quotations).

You want to know the time type location preceded by time like this "time Bangladesh".
You want to know to do some calculations you can do that easily "2 + 2 = "
Need to know about weather? Type like this "weather Dhaka, Bangladesh"

Curious? Want to know more about Google Search Features? Click here. Users who are using other browsers like Mozilla Firefox can use these syntaxes in google web search site. Note this post will be updated with latest releases of Google Chrome. So you can bookmark if it helps. To Download Google Chrome full installer from google's server click on links below:

Download Latest Stable Release
Download Latest Development Release

Linux users follow this link:

Instruction for Installing Google Chrome on Linux

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