Monday, October 5, 2009

Awaking the night.

There are interesting things I observe during night. Most of the people sleep at night. They start sleeping from 12:00 am normally which is exactly midnight and if you were in rural area you'd feel the deep dark night with some inspiring noises for sleeping from insects, birds sitting on the trees.

Well those villages are irrelevant here since we have come to a highly civilized and materialized sophisticated society with a lot of traffic jams, dusts and drains. Yeah Man! We're in the city. Well that's not a great mess!

Here people are not farmers (at least the most) and they wouldn't sleep at 10:00pm. Even some sleep but never think it lasts long. They have late night show. I'll tell you about it another day. For now just know that they're to flirt the girls they love or likely to love and that nap is just a preparation in the physical side!

As I live in a residential hall of University of Dhaka I see these things. As I'm a computer addicted person I wake up the nights sitting in from of my computer monitor, typing things using the keyboard and moving the objects using the mouse. That's how whole night is spent. Sometimes it worths, sometimes just waste in vein.

During this time all other students sleep. Some watch bad dreams. They shout. I just get scared. Then I laugh. Some'd call out the names of actresses they love. Well I think they go through nice times during sleep.

If someone just cannot feel sleeping they start watching movies in their PCs to make the time worth. As I am always awake this time they are happy to see at least getting one companion. Sometimes come over to me to have fun and sometimes to see what I'm doing doing. They'd either see I'm in black console typing things using keyboard and it replies or in the internet browsing some sites on technical things. Sometimes they are surprised and then onwards it fades. But when hour of clock touches 4 or 5 they cannot stand any more and just fell asleep. I always win.

As this is very tough for me to close the windows floating in my monitor screen and shut the operating system down I can never make the sleep at night which costs a lot. It affects both physical and mental side.

It's kinda funny though. I thought of a software to rule against me being with the software. I thought many times about but could never make time for it. As for now I've done it. This software installed in any PC'd make the PC shut down from 1:00AM to 9:00AM I'm getting into disciplines. If feels exciting.

If you've any suggestion (especially if you find it useful) about the software feel free to leave it in comments.

You can download it here. One thing, you may need Visual C++ Redistributable to run it.

Minimum requirement Windows NT. It means it'll run in any PCs with current Windows OSs.

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