Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Resource for Learning .NET Framework and Visual Studio IDE.

.net is the easiest of those lanugages I have ever seen. Just keep trust one me. Visual Studio 2008 IDE does the most of your work. You just modify portion of the code to achieve what you need. To modify the code you need to understand .net framework. And also you must need to learn the IDE and how it works.
For beginners this book is best cause with c++ you'll feel comfortable. If you learn with one language others just get easy.

Beginning Visual C++ 2008 by Ivor Horton's. It's a very good book for beginners. Download it from the following link.
Another book

For experts, Using Visual C 6th Special Edition by Ivor Hortons is cool. Click the below link to download.
Well, book on C#,

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET - Mastering C#
Or you can learn them all from online tutorial including win32.
And of course microsoft msdn is a good resource you can access it online or the one available with Visual Studio.
For .net you can get help here:

When you work with databases these books will help
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Unleashed ebook

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Programming For Dummies

For win32 access this page

I'll publish detail tutorials on .net and MFC soon including win32. tutorial here:

Always use Visual Studio Pro versions. Express versions are free from microsoft but create a great deal of trouble. For real application you need Visual Studio 2008. Don't have Visual Studio 2008 Pro?
You can download Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition (90-day Trial) from microsoft directly here:

Can't find the books you want? Try this search engine

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